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The Bird .o.o.

Kanalski put 1, 10000 Zagreb

Upisano kod Trgovačkog suda  u Zagrebu. MBS: 080999605  
OIB: 79306528836  | Član uprave: Nicholas Colgan | Temeljni kapital 655.000,00 kn uplaćen u cijelosti. | Žiro račun (IBAN): HR8623600001102508485 Zagrebačka Banka | 

Personal data entry and transfer

Personal data entry and transfer and credit card number data is secured with the highest security standards insured by WSPay system for on-line credit card authorization complying with the requirements of credit card companies, credit card brands and PCI DSS standards. Credit card authorization and payment is carried out through the WSPay payment gateway.


Privacy policy

The Bird d.o.o. commits to protect private information provided by its customers, in a way of gathering only the necessary and basic information about the users that we are required to have in order to fulfill our obligations; informs the clients about the use of data, gives the clients a choice of using their data on regular basis, including the possibility of choosing whether they want their name to be removed from the marketing campaign lists. All of the client’s data is closely kept and it’s available only to the employees who need this information in order to perform their duties. All of the The Bird d.o.o. employees and business partners are obliged to respect the privacy protection principles.